Judas Priest: Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner talk "Redeemer Of Souls!"


interview by: Metal Mark


The Judas Priest frontman shows no sign of letting up, despite suffering from back problems that have resulted in him using a walking stick in the past.

Halford tells The Morning Call: "Creaking out of bed at 63 is not as easy as leaping out of bed at 16. But I love it. I love getting old, I really do.


"I just think that I embrace it because I'm a lucky guy. What a joy – a man of my generation being able to do this sort of thing. It's just remarkable.

"I've had a few health hiccups the last few years, but nothing as dramatic as some people go through in life and I'm grateful that I can still get up and do my work. I do it because they keep coming back. I'm more like the Perry Como of heavy metal.


"No, strike that. I'll use a living person. I'm the Tony Bennett of heavy metal. There you go, use that. Which means I kind of glide across the stage these days."

Judas Priest released Redeemer Of Souls in June – an album Halford said would be revered in years to come. He's also revealed he's open to more solo work in the future – but only if it doesn't interfere with Judas Priest's plans.