Since the bad news about the departure of Malcolm Young of AC DC for illness, our Australian buddies remake headlines once again in all the medias. The new photo shoot released by Columbia to promote their new album on last October 16 to, have a misstatement ... PHIL RUDD does not appear on it! ??!

No explanation was Given by Columbia record for Rudd's absence, Apparently Rudd was called away from the band's music video shoots due to "family emergency," said frontman Brian Johnson. He was then replaced by Rob Richards, "Shogun" drummer's. As we're not sure when the picture was taken, it could have been on the day where the drummer went back to Australia.

Last September Rudd had launched a solo album called "Head Job" including the single "Repo Man", but he had assured AC DC’s fans that he will rejoining the band for the new album recording. The future might tell us why this photo was sent to the international medias with a missing member… You can here the first singl of Phil Rudd solo work below.


by Mario L. Anderson

PHIL RUDD - Solo Album

"Repo Man".