The new album expected for early 2015 roach is going to give us a whole new sound and a new direction for the Californian band. They gave us a test with the release of their new single, "Warriors"...


God! With a tendency pulling the sound very "Rave", fans will be surprised of the new tendency of “Warrior”. We are really at 10 000 miles from singles as "Scars" and "Between Angels And Insects" or the album "The Connection" ... Papa Roach is planning the release of "FEAR" (Face Everything And Rise) by the end of January 2015 the label Eleven Seven Music.


Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix, mentions that "FEAR" is "the sickest, most is illest P-Roach record to date." And "It's fiery. It's like I'm holding a light orb in my hand and when to I could it to the sky, I take off like a superhero If That Makes Any Sense. It's for real. "


“You know rock and metal is just something that will come and it will be huge and popular in pop culture and then it will go back underground. And it’ll come back in pop culture and then go back underground, but it will never go away. This is a family here, no matter what”.


You can ear the new single "Warrior" below! Enjoy!


by Mario L. Anderson

Papa Roach - "Warriors" (Audio Stream)